"So Honey" began with a project in graduate school. My graduate thesis was a concentration on love language between my two grandparents during WWII. Reading through their handwritten letters, I was able to view my grandmother as a young woman with passion and love for her husband. The tagline "so honey" refers to the letters; when my grandparents wrote to each other they would often include the phrase before discussing their day, expressing their love or the latest gossip among friends.


I've had a passion for gemstones, healing, and chakra-balancing since I was 16. I stumbled upon local stores in Lincoln and felt connected to the stones and fell for the natural beauty that the earth created. Always a hobby, I started So Honey to pay homage to my family history and to have a little fun creating for others.

If I'm not creating beautiful jewelry you'll most likely find me drinking coffee, wandering bookstores for cookbooks & home-remedy magazines, exploring the outdoors and trying to save all the animals.